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Monday, February 15, 2010

More Snow

On Friday we got another good snow storm. This time instead of just playing in our yard, we bundled up and met Audra and her boys at a golf course next to David's parents' house and did some real sledding. (Real at least by Georgia standards.)

Tanner made us all cold just looking at him. But, he insisted he was warm sledding in his shorts, t-shirt and shoes without socks.

If all snow days were like this, I wouldn't mind the snow quite so much.

(Emily decided she didn't want to sled. Instead, she played the Wii at her grandparents' house.)


Michelle Pyne said...

Those are the cutest snow bunnies and snow rabbits ever! But what's with that snow rabbit in shorts and a t-shirt???!!!??? Crazy! I probably would have joined Em inside however. I love to be warm and snuggly!

Audra said...

I love these pictures! I'm so glad you took them! Can you email them to me? It was a fun time, wasn't it.

Abbi said...

Whenever I have a bad day I will come look at this picture of Chloe and feel better. :) She is just sooo adorable! What fun pictures!