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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Tradition

David and I went out Saturday night to celebrate Valentines Day. And in keeping with tradition we went to Subway. Our Subway tradition started as newlyweds. Our first Valentines Day was spent in Taiwan. I was pregnant and craved some kind of American food. Thankfully there was a Subway just down the road from where we were staying. It was heaven! (Except they had green tomatoes instead of red ones.) As the years passed, it seemed like we usually gravitated back to Subway. Not quite a conscious decision, but it just worked out that way. So now it's our go-to Valentines date. So, so romantic! :)

What did you do to celebrate Valentines Day?


Jen said...

This is kind of funny and sounds rural red neck in writing, but we went to the tri-ward hoe down at our chapel and danced to a live band who played Johnny Be Good at the same tempo as Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash. Good times.

Andrea said...

We always go to Papa's Pizza with the kids and get a heart shaped pizza. Our kids love that we celebrate those special holidays with them!! :)

This is Carrie said...

So glad we are not the only ones with a "Strange" valentines day tradition. We always eat Korean BBQ which is always completely empty on V-day because you come out smelling like smoke, meat and garlic. Not exactly romantic, but we love it!

Audra said...

No traditions here. Each year is different. I never know if Mike will even be off for Valentines (this year he worked). But we had a great breakfast Valentines morning.

Abbi said...

I didn't know you had this tradition! I think it's a great one!