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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar detox

I'm realizing I may have a problem with sugar. I LOVE it. I CRAVE it. But it doesn't treat me well in return. The other day I crashed after eating a few too many caramels and Bavarian mints. (Crashed as in I fell asleep and then was completely incapable of getting myself out of bed.) I've been paying attention lately and I'm realizing that whenever I eat sugary sweets it puts me in kind of a fog that prevents me from functioning as I should. So, I'm considering giving up sugar for a while in order to get it out of my system. I know that I'll be healthier. I'm hoping that my hormones will even out a little, that the puffiness and inflammation in my skin will decrease, and that ultimately I'll have more energy. But I'm scared. I'm worried I don't have the self-control necessary to make it through the hard cravings. And I'm scared of missing out on those little moments of pleasure that sugary treats bring. No cup of hot cocoa? No cookies? No ice cream? Yikes.

But I'm trying to be committed. So, I need your help. Has anyone successfully given up sugar? What benefits did you find? What obstacles did you encounter? How did you overcome them? Is giving up sugar really possible?! :)


ginger said...

I've given it up for a week at a time as a method of losing weight. And trust me, you will! You will also feel like you are starving for the first week. But then your cravings will subside a bit, which is so nice. And then after that it will be okay to indulge every once in a while. Good luck!

Audra said...

The best success I've had in giving up sweets is one time in Houston, I made a goal of no desserts all week and then on Friday night, I could splurge and get a nice dessert. I did it for a few weeks and my body did change. I didn't crave a dessert after each meal (like I do now). It wasn't all that easy though. I haven't stuck to that routine since. :)

Sally said...

I did the Carbohydrate Addict's diet for a few months a while back. It was hard for the first week or so, but after that, it really wasn't that bad. Easier than I thought, actually. My body stopped craving it. But it wasn't a very easy diet with kids, etc.

Michelle said...

I gave it up for a month on a bet once. It was SO hard at first because of the cravings. But then after a while I realized my body didn't even mind it at all. I had so much more energy! It was amazing! I used honey instead of sugar. That way you still get the sweet taste, but it is so much healthier! Good luck. You are inspiring me to try it too! I think Audra has good advice. Be good all week and then have a free day where you can eat whatever. It does make a difference then you aren't completely depriving yourself of the things you enjoy. Everything in moderation! :-)

Michelle said...

and btw...how do you know Sally? She was a mission companion to one of my really good friends. Small world! :-)

Jen said...

I have tried a few different things, since I have your same feeling on the matter.

Tapering down by cutting out volume helps me sometimes, like eating one chocolate a day, and I save it for after dinner. I feel like if I have that to look forward to it's easier to make good choices at other times in the day.

Also, make sure not to have too much of the good stuff on hand and have healthy alternatives. If only treats are around, that's what I eat, but if I have made the effort of cutting and chopping the veg or having bread or cheese or something else I like available, I can skip sweets easier.

This is kind of embarrassing, but I have also started spitting out sweets in the garbage if I taste them and they aren't worth the calories. I saved a lot of calories at Christmastime that way.

Anonymous said...

I have a great no-sugar recipe...
Blend up frozen strawberries in the blender with water. Add vanilla cream Stevia drops to sweeten. When it is a frothy consistency, pour into your favorite ice cream dish and top with Walden Farms no-sugar, no-carbs, no-calories chocolate syrup. I promise it is a delightful treat! (I get the Stevia drops and chocolate syrup at Sprouts).

acte gratuit said...

If you need motivation, I highly recommend checking out Eat for Health by Joel Fuhrman, MD. You'll get the motivation and inspiration you need to help you, and you'll get some great ways to eat that leave you satisfied and not feeling deprived.
Our neighbor teaches nutrition/health classes and these were the books that inspired her to change her way of life. Since we've met her, we've been eating a LOT better.
Grab any one of his books, and I promise you'll be inspired. And like I said, he's all about eating so you're satisfied and not feeling hungry and deprived. A lot of his desserts (he has recipe books also, ie Eat for Health Book 2) are satisfying but don't leave you feeling sick!

Another no-sugar recipe for you:
In the blender:
Peanut Butter
Soy Milk
unsweetened Cocoa
and Dates or Prunes for sweetener
Not as good as a Milk Shake, but it does the trick!
(You can even add spinach which is how we make our nightly dinner fruit smoothie.)

OH, and check out Janeen's new website!
It has lots of recipes on it too. Smoothies are good for quenching sugar cravings!

(Sorry for the novel.)

Elaine said...

I too, have been trying to motivate myself away from sugar and it is really hard. So far I have gone for two days, not cold turkey but really cutting back. I know I will feel better. They say 6 weeks to make a change. I am saving a very good extra dark chocolate piece for every day.
Here are my goals: Think before I eat,Do a quick excercise when I really want something. Drink warm herbal tea to fill my stomach.
Your quilt is beautiful!!

Elaine said...

Update, NO it is NOT possible to go without sugar... Where is my self control???