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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Five years ago

This is what our Emily looked like FIVE years ago. Today is her birthday. This is what she looks like now.

Where did my baby go??!

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!


Michelle Pyne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!! WE LOVE YOU!! You are such a beautiful young lady! We hope you have a wonderful day today!

Rachel said...

Don't you wish time would just slow down sometimes? They grow SO fast.
What a darling baby she was... and what a beautiful little girl she is now. Wait until she's 12 entering Young Women's. It'll happen "tomorrow".....

Happy Birthday Emily!

Brynn said...

Yeah one year older. Happy Birthday. Your so beautiful.

Julee & Matt said...

Happy Birthday to a very beautiful birthday girl!

Abbi said...

I hope she had a wonderful day! We love you Emily!!!