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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Goals

Better late than never, right? The first week of April was gone before I even realized it had arrived, the second week of April was spring break, and now we're half-way into the third week of April. Holey-moley.

Per my March goals, let's just say I did really well on some of them and not quite as well on others. Now, moving on......

April Goals:
1. STOP eating when I've had enough. (I've had a tendency lately to want to eat and eat and eat until I feel full. But, the problem is I never do feel full. I know when I've had enough though, and I need to stop eating when enough is enough.)
2. Walk my kids to the bus. (David has been driving them to the bus-stop on his way to work and I realized I miss those few minutes of bonding time with my girls. I also like to hear the birds singing in the morning.)
3. Use the "Preach my Gospel" manuel for my personal scripture study.
4. EXERCISE!!! Yoga and walking. (I know it feels good when I do it, so why is it always such a chore?)
5. Bind the quilts I got back from having machine quilted.
6. Leave a clean house when I go to Utah for Adam & Jessie's wedding.

I think that is enough to work on through the rest of the month. Hopefully May will include lots of "getting ready for baby" goals because we have our ultrasound scheduled for May 5. After that we will hopefully know the oft-pondered question of "girl or boy?"


Abbi said...

I love reading your goals and think you do such a good job with them! They are doable, but easy to not get done if you don't make goals. Plus you focus on all the important things.

Michelle Pyne said...

Great goals! I will join you on the 'stop eating when I have had enough' goal. Thanks for the reminder!