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Thursday, July 07, 2011

YW binder cover

Right before I left for Oregon I was released as the primary president in our ward and called to be young womens president. (What?!!) I am excited and scared and overwhelmed. And for some reason, before I could do anything I had to have a binder cover. I wanted something that would be a visual reminder of our purpose and focus. So this morning instead of unpacking or doing laundry or cleaning my house, I designed this. Now I feel like I can move forward.


Sally said...

Jessi, are our lives on some kind of parallel? I was made YW pres right after being primary pres, too. Nothing against primary, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this calling! You'll love it, too!

Making a binder cover was one of my first items of business as well. Yours is way cuter, though.

Good luck!

Be sure and join the yahoo group LDS YOUNG WOMEN. They have lots of ideas and discussion.

Rachel said...

What?!?!? I guess you miss a good bit when you have a baby! Does that mean I'm released, too?

Michelle Pyne said...

That binder cover is professional and beautiful! I think this is the start of an exciting chapter in your life! Keep us updated!

Audra said...

Holy cow, Jess! Professional work here! It is beautiful! Now you need to add it to one of those yw websites where everyone else can benefit from your talents! Well done sis!