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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rachel's baby quilt

This quilt is for one of my dear friends, Rachel. She has been my counselor in the primary for the last two years and is one of the best people I know. She is an emergency room nurse at the children's hospital, an exceptional mother, super talented, and a hundred percent dependable. I would have fallen apart a long time ago except for her help and support in primary.

She is having her third baby on Thursday, so of course I had to make her a quilt. :) I used THIS tutorial and had so much fun putting it together.

I have done strait-line quilting before, but never when I have to turn the quilt. So quilting this quilt was a new experience for me. Luckily the quilt is quite small. It didn't end up being too tricky. And I gained a little confidence in my machine quilting ability.


Michelle Pyne said...

This is darling - perfect for a little girl! And I can't believe you whipped in up in a matter of an afternoon. You are amazing!!!

Tami said...

Jessi, so fun to read through your blog! I can believe you have 5 girls! They are gorgeous. I totally love this quilt too - pink and green is my favorite girl combo and the rag look is adorable. I need to buckle down and get some sewing done too!
PS- totally love your cute house too!

Jen said...

Gorgeous. I love the colors. My girl's room is pink and green.

Jen said...

PS love the backing, I'm pretty sure I have some of that leftover from a project somewhere.

Elaine said...