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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mothers Day Poem

This morning I was sorting through the papers on my desk and found a poem McKenna wrote, but never gave me, for Mother's Day. I thought it was pretty sweet.

We sisters love our mother.
We wouldn't survive with any other!
She means a lot to this family of girls,
Even when we aren't always perfect pearls.
She does more than we could ever count.
And it just makes us nearly sprout!!
We love you, Mom. You love us, too.
Even though you have to change Chloe's poo.

It's nice to be appreciated. :)


Michelle Pyne said...

That is the best poem I have ever read! Save that one forever and read it every Mother's Day, just to let you know it is all worth it!

Jen said...


Abbi said...

Hahaha. I agree with Mom--that is the best Mother's Day Poem ever! Who knew that McKenna was such a great writer?

Jessie said...

love this poem! I'm glad you found it!