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Friday, April 22, 2011

Emily's Baptism

Emily turned eight years old on April 15 and was baptized on April 16. All of our family was able to be here and it was a wonderful celebration.

She wore her pretty white dress to church the next day, and in primary when we brought her up front to be recognized they asked: "Does anyone know what happened to Emily yesterday?" One of the cute little 5 year olds said, "She got married!!" :)

I am glad we're not at that stage yet. She still needs to be our little girl.

These are the flowers Audra & Mike gave Emily for her baptism. They are blossoming so beautifully. (Underneath the flowers you can get a sneak peek of the quilt I am making for my sister-in-law, Marla's baby.)

Every once in a while it hits me how blessed I am to have these wonderful little girls-- and Emily is extra-special. There is no one else quite like her and I absolutely love her to pieces. She took her decision to be baptized very seriously and wanted everything to be perfect. And it really was.


Emma said...

Congratulations to Emily for making an important and wonderful decision. She is a beautiful little girl!

Audra said...

I love Emily! She is a one of a kind girl. She looked so beautiful in her white dress.

Those roses sure look pretty, especially on that perfect baby girl quilt! It looks like the roses and those fabrics are meant to go together. Marla is going to love that quilt.

Michelle Pyne said...

We're so glad we were able to be with Emily on her baptism day and birthday! We're so happy she wants to make special covenants with the Savior.