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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Pay-off

I started working on Easter dresses in February. Today I got to enjoy the fruits of my labors. (And thank heavens for afternoon church. There is no way I could have gotten everyone ready in time if we met any earlier!)

McKenna--age 12
(Actually my Mom made her skirt while she was here for Emily's baptism. I could have made it. But my Mom is an expert and did a much better job than I would have.)

Lyida-- age 10

Emily--age 8 
(You should see this girl twirl!)

Summer--age 6

Chloe--age 2

Do you see how big Mr. Knightley is?! He's part of the family now. :)

Our neighbor dropped by just in time to snap a quick picture of our whole family.

I hope you had a very, very happy Easter.


Michelle Pyne said...

What a beautiful family! You did an amazing job on the dresses & skirts - five different outfits designed for each one! They are darling!

Jen said...

When your girls grow up they are going to be so nostalgic about their awesome mom who sewed fantastic Easter apparel for them every year. Beautiful!

Abbi said...

Beautiful dresses, beautiful girls, beautiful family, and beautiful home (in the last post)!!!

Adam said...


Shana said...

You're awesome! How do you find the time? Your girls are going to appreciate that you took the time to make such beautiful clothing for them! It makes it that much more special. Looks like you had a fun Easter and sister retreat! Also, I've always thought your home is beautiful. Always with every season. Good job again on the dresses! Sooo beautiful! Oh and your dog is getting big! Glad he is part of the family! :)

Jessie said...

I love how they turned out!! So beautiful!

Angela Draper said...

I've been dying to see how your dresses and skirts turned out. Just beautiful! You are a talented woman!