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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sharing Time Slide Show

For sharing time on Sunday I created a video slideshow to show the kids. The theme for the week is "Jesus Christ created the Earth." It was so much fun searching for beautiful images of the world. I set the slideshow to the song "My Heavenly Father loves Me" because when I look around at all the beauty and abundance the Lord has blessed us with, I can't help but feel His love.

(For those looking at this on Google Reader, I think you have to click to my actual blog for the movie to show up.) :)


Dani said...

That's an awesome slide show Jessi! I bet the kids really liked it!

Michelle Pyne said...

That was amazing! How can I use that for my seminary class? Can it go on a DVD? You did a perfect job of aligning the photos with the music.

Audra said...

WOW! I absolutely love it! Did the kids love it too?

Adam said...

Cool video. I'm sure they all loved it.