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Friday, February 04, 2011

'cause she's cute

Every once in a while I have to post pictures just because they are cute. This one makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile, too.


Michelle Pyne said...

You are absolutely right! What a sweetheart!

Elaine said...

So cute, she reminds me of a little Jessi

Shana said...

She is adorable. Gorgeous eyes. And I love her skirt! :)
I feel like all of my posts are ALWAYS about my kids and the things we do as a family. But I guess I am blogging for them and to keep a journal for them so that is why I do it. I love pics of your beautiful girls!

Abbi said...

Yes she is!! And her personality is just as cute!! We love our Chloe girl!

Audra said...

She looks like she could be in Candy Land, don't you think? All those beautiful vibrant colors! So cute!

Adam said...

She just melts your heart. Maybe that's how she gets away with her little mischievousness.:) We love Chloe.