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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mr. Knightley is growing up!

Remember THIS little puppy? He's turning into a dog. And as cute as puppies are, I have to say that I like dogs much better. He still causes trouble (aka, chewing on stuff he's not supposed to), but now it happens maybe two or three times a day instead of CONSTANTLY. He has mostly stopped nipping (except for when Chloe pulls his tail or tries to use him for a pillow.) And he has learned a nice little repertoire of commands. It's fun to show off how he can sit, stay, lie down, come, "leave it", wait, shake, and roll-over. I feel like a proud mama when he does what he's told. I never thought I would like having a dog, but the Mr. Knightley is finding a place in my heart.


Shana said...

He is cute! I'm glad you're liking him more! Also, have you gotten your results back? I've been thinking of you!

Michelle Pyne said...

Mr. Knightly is an intelligent (thanks to his trainer), good-looking dog! You should feel a great sense of accomplishment that he has progressed as far as he has. A professional couldn't have done better! I am amazed that you can let him go outside, and then he comes back all by himself. I can't believe he rings his bell when he's ready to go outside. I predict in a month or two he will have absolutely no issues and will be a contributing member of the Goulding home. Well done!

Adam said...

He is getting bigger. Can't wait till we can come down again and see all of his progress.

Anonymous said...

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