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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mr. Knightley

This is Mr. Knightley. He is the newest member of our family.

We brought him home two weeks ago.
And my world has been rocked. 

I wasn't planning on getting a puppy, but when our next-door-neighbor's dad brought a litter of 8 puppies to give away over the Thanksgiving weekend we made the mistake(?) of letting our girls play with them. And they fell in love. And I fell in love with the look of joy in my girls' eyes as they played with the puppies. So we decided to adopt this little guy. And it's been a roller-coaster ride. The first week I cried every day wondering "what have we done?!" But every time I tried to gently tell McKenna that we might not keep him it made her cry. And every time I thought I just couldn't take it anymore, Knightley would be so sweet. Something tells me that he will be a really good dog someday.

It turns out that even though we got him for the kids, he is my dog. (I do have to give my girls credit though. They are living up to every promise they made when we agreed to bring them home. Poop and everything.)

Does anyone have any great puppy advice for me?


stephanie said...

oh jessi, good luck! he sure is cute, but a puppy is a lot of work. like as much as a newborn but you don't love them as much so it is harder. at least that's how it was for me. hang in there! it should get easier.

(although after a year of having our puppy we gave up and gave him to the nice family across the street. i don't think mabel is totally over it yet.)

Michelle Pyne said...

I was just going to call to see how Mr. Knightly was doing. He's still pretty darn cute! Is he behaving himself? One way or another, the girls are going to learn from having Mr. Knightly in their home. You are a very good Mom to sacrifice for your children. Given a little time, things are going to be fine.

Shana said...

What a cutie!! Well, having grown up with dogs my whole life and dealing with pups, etc... Umm, It is HARD!! But really, sooo worth it. And yes, it is total sacrifice to see your children happy. There are times that I sooo want to get rid of my boxer--BUT... He is our family and I don't know if I could actually handle it. Is he an inside dog?
I will just say,
Get a lot of chew toys-- Ropes, bones, balls, etc...
Praise, praise and more praise is what they need. Good luck! I am sure he will be awesome and you will be so happy to have gotten him. It is worth it-- Promise.

Natalie said...

I can't believe you got a pet!! :) How exciting. Miss you so much!

Elaine said...

When Kami and Connor were preparing to move in with us which they now have, I was very concerned that she was bringing her dog with her. I did NOT want to have another pet. Well, 4 Weeks later, I LOVE THE DOG, SO Much!!! She is a little Yorkie, completely potty trained and not too yappee. I have totally bonded with this dog. I am buying her toys and cuddling with her and taking her on walks. She is my buddy. I have learned to NEVER say NEVER on anything. By the way, I really like having Connor and Kami here too. She has been cooking and helping alot and of Course, Connor is the BEST!!! even if he wakes us up way early. When the dog is out of the puppy chewing stage and potty trained you will love having him.

Kate said...

I know how you feel! We actually fostered 2 puppies out of mr.knightly's litter for two weeks. I thought that 2 would be a great idea since they were just weined from their mommy. the first few days was fine. They were so small and cute and cuddly and their poops weren't that big. The next week, however, I thought I'd lose my mind. they quit going potty on their puppy pads and decided that under the dining room table was the perfect place to poop. Unfortunately, I have upholstered, skirted, WHITE chairs and their poop got all over the bottoms. I was so mad.....but they were so cute and the girls loved them so. When it was time to take them back, it was bitter sweet. Glad to be rid of pee and poop, but sad to be rid of our little snuggle-bugs!!!!