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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lydia is TEN!!

Here are some things you may not know about Lydia:
  • She is the fastest girl in her class.
  • She won the "Leadership Award" in her soccer team this year. (The coach hands out only two awards each year, the leadership award and the most improved player award, which she won last year.)
  • She has a "uniform" that she wears almost every day to school: jeans, t-shirt, zip-up fleece jacket or sweater, tennis shoes.
  • She does not like being tall.
  • She is an AWESOME whistler.
  • She has to have surgery soon to remove a mole on the top of her head.
  • She is FUNNY.
  • She is an expert at recognizing and quoting movie lines.
  • Sometimes Chloe prefers Lydia instead of me or David.
  • She is mature, helpful, and one of my best friends.
We love you, Lydia!! I hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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Shannon said...

Beautiful girl! Happy Birthday!! Here's wishing her 100 more wonderful birthdays!