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Friday, October 01, 2010

Wax and wane

Emily has been studying the cycle of the moon this month in school. Each night we look at the moon and chart its progress. When we started, the moon was just a little sliver in the sky. We watched as it grew and grew into a bright and beautiful full harvest moon. And now it is slowly receding. Pretty soon the sky will be dark as the moon renews itself and starts the cycle over.

As we have watched, I've noticed some sililarities between the cycle of the moon and my own life. Sometimes I am full of energy. I am bright and productive. Each day brings growth and accomplishment. Other times my energy wanes. Life is quieter, less active, and I sometimes wonder if I'm going backwards in my progess. But looking at the moon, I realize that is part of the cycle of life. We can't always be "full." We wax and wane just like the moon does. And it's okay. Sometimes we need to pull back and then start over. Giving whatever light we have to share at the time.


Michelle Pyne said...

Your observation is very insightful! I'm like you - some days I'm going strong, and some days I feel like I can do nothing.

Dani said...

That is such a great way to look at things! Good analogy.