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Friday, May 21, 2010

Spring Sports

We have had an awesome time cheering for McKenna and Lydia at their games and practices this spring.

(McKenna with her good friend, Kelsie, goofing around in the dugout.)

McKenna played softball again. She was a stellar first baseman and got on base (either a hit or a walk) almost every at-bat. Watching her play makes me realize how fast she is growing up. The first year McKenna played she was on the 7/8 year old team. I remember watching the older girls play that year and being amazed at how big and fast they were. Now McKenna is one of those older girls!

(Lydia at her last soccer game)

This was Lydia's first year playing soccer and I cannot tell you how much fun it has been watching her learn. Her coach gave her the "Most Improved" award on the team and she absolutely deserves it. She went from just learning the rules of the game to being one of the best players on her team. And she has gone from being very shy and timid to being excited to try new things and meet new people.

I'm so proud of my girls. And as much fun as it's been watching them I am ready for a break. Tomorrow is our final push-- Lydia has three games and McKenna has two. Wish us all luck!

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Michelle Pyne said...

Hope there were plenty of wins today in softball and soccer! I'm so glad McKenna and Lydia can participate and get great exercise and learn new skills! We are cheering for you clear up here in Oregon!