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Thursday, May 20, 2010


On Tuesday night Emily broke her wrist falling off a swing. But she has been a trooper about it and may even be enjoying the attention a little. :)

She chose a really cool glow-in-the-dark cast that her sisters have been excited to sign. She has to wear this long cast for two weeks and then she'll get a short cast that she can swim in. Thank heavens! I cannot imagine her going through much of the summer without being able to swim. It would be torture for the both of us.


Chris said...

I'm glad it wasn't the trampoline!! lol I was going to say something if it was..hahaha..she's such a cutie.

Shana said...

Aww, so sad. :( But she looks happy! :) So glad she will be able to swim!!! And Chloe is adorable too!

Michelle Pyne said...

It looks like she's healing nicely. That's pretty cool to have a glow-in-the-dark cast. Will you sign it for me?