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Monday, May 31, 2010

Backyard Camping

We were going to go camping this weekend. But with 60% rain in the forecast we wimped out. Packing everything up just to get rained on is not my idea of fun. But on Friday night when the girls got home from school it was bright and sunny. We figured we'd take a chance and set up our tent in the backyard just in case it didn't rain. But Friday night it rained. We told the kids that if there was no rain last night we'd sleep in the tent. And there was no rain.... until we were all tucked in the tent. :)

Despite some initial worries that we were going to get struck by lightning, the girls enjoyed listening to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof and eventually went to sleep.

We made it through the night without incident-- Except one male member of our family (who shall forever remain anonymous) decided at 2am that our bed would be far more comfortable than a rapidly deflating air mattress. :)

Overall it was one of the best "camping" trips we've ever had!


Sally said...

Nice! And where else but the backyard can you have an electric fan in the tent?!

Abbi said...

What a fun family memory!! Even Chloe slept out there? You sure do know how to have fun!
P.S. You totally made me laugh with your anonymous family member comment. :)

Chris said...

How fun! I remember doing that with our kids and now our kids have done it with theirs. That's too funny about David. Looks like more memories were made again!

Sweetest Of All said...

Tell him I said that HE'S A WIMP!

Michelle Pyne said...

Now that's a smart way to go camping!! I bet everyone will remember it forever. That's a wonderful family tent. I can imagine everyone felt warm and snuggly listening to the sound of the rain.

Mr. Anonymous, in my humble I-can-live-without-camping opinion, was totally justified to resort to more comfortable conditions......:)

Anonymous said...

wasn't me. nobody saw me do it. nobody can prove anything.