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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Can

One of the things I constantly try to fight are feelings of "I can't." It's a relentles battle and it is exhausting. Some days I retreat, but I never surrender. Because I CAN.

I can be cheerful in the mornings. I can love and teach my children. I can support my husband. I can do my best. I can pray and receive strength. I can improve.

And the rest I can let go.


Audra said...

Perfect blog for me today. Tonight at YWs we are doing skits - improv night. YIKES! "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!!!"

And yes, you can definitely do all those things you listed. Not only do them, but do them beautifully. You are amazing.

Michelle Pyne said...

When I come up against that hard brick wall of frustration, I will remember what you have said. And I will move forward by doing what I can do.

becca said...

I read your "epiphany" comment you left on Shawni's blog the other day and thought you might like this quote from her mom, Linda Eyre (from "I didn't plan to be a witch"):

"Contrary to what we may have heard, children are not like clay - which we can mold into whatever we want if we try hard enough. They are seedlings. The seed of what they are has already been planted from the moment they began their existence. Some may be orange trees and other might be lemons. It is our job, as the gardeners, to observe, water, expose to sun, weed, provide fertilizer, and nurture, in order to make the most beautiful plant possible from the seedlings we are given".

Great, isn't it?

Have a great day!

The Good Report said...

Ah, beautiful post. I'm going to start telling myself the same.