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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Because someday I'll be old and gray

The other day I went out to my front porch and did a little photo shoot of myself using the self-timer on my camera. I was inspired by THIS picture of Stephanie from Barefoot in the Kitchen. I love how she looks so calm and peaceful. She looks classic and beautiful. But my pictures didn't have quite the same feel. I looked like I was trying really hard to be "all that" (as my girls would say). My initial reaction was DELETE. But then I thought about the pictures we have of my Grandmas when they were young. And I began to think that in 50 years I would have a totally new perspective on these pictures. And so I kept them. I still think I look a little silly. But hopefully my grandchildren will appreciate them as much as I do the pictures of my grandparents.


Jen said...

I still like your pictures. I like the splash of red.

The hexagon quilt is surprisingly easy! Here is a helpful tutorial http://www.jaybirdquilts.com/2010/04/hexagon-quilt-along-cutting.html

I just did three instead of two strips. I don't have a triangle cutter, but my rectangle grid has a 60 degree line, so I made a paper triangle the size I needed and used it as a template. Let me know if you have any questions, there are a lot of pictures out there for inspiration.

Sweetest Of All said...

Did you ever consider that maybe you are ALL THAT! :)

Michelle Pyne said...

You ALWAYS look beautiful in your pictures! So glad you saved these and shared them with us. Your granddaughters will thank you for it too!

stephanie said...

you look great, jessi! love the red lipstick and that second comment by sweetest of all. you really are all that. and now you have the pictures to prove it. :)

Chris said...

You're beautiful Jessi...I always have to take pictures of myself because no one else does. hahaha.. I would give anything if my mom would have done the same thing because now i'm wishing I had more pictures.

Audra said...

You were right to keep them and share them with us. You are a beauitful woman. You'll be glad you kept them.

crissy said...

I'm not very into most pictures of myself. But what a great way to think about it: we love pictures of our ancestors, so why shouldn't our decendants find that same joy in the pictures of us? I'll have to remember that the next time I want to delete a picture of myself that I'm feeling self-concious about.
Thank you :)
~mama boss