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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tower of London, Tower Bridge & Borough Market

Going into the Tower of London felt a little like stepping back in time. I could just imagine it in medieval times when it was the sight of so much passion and intrigue. And it made me really thankful to live in 2010!

We took the Yeoman Warder tour, which definitely lived up to its billing to "entertain with tales from the Tower; pain and passion, treachery and torture, all delivered with a swagger and a smile!" (see HERE for more about the Tower of London.)

(Me standing on London Bridge with the Tower Bridge in the background.)

One of our greatest adventures was going to Borough Market. I have never seen so many food vendors attract so many people!! It was crazy! After wandering around the market for a while we finally settled on getting organic veggie burgers for lunch. They were pretty good, but I kind of wished we had explored the website before we went to get an idea of what all was available. Because pretty much everything is available!


Adam said...

The Tower of London was probably my favorite spot we visited in London (I guess I'm a fan of torture and death :)) All the of cool stories, all of the medieval coolness-es, and all the bling-bling (crown jewels) made it lots of fun. What made it more fun was being there with family.

Audra said...

That Boroush Market was pretty crazy! Can you imagine being there during high season? The Tower of London was one of my favorite places to visit. I love the intrigue of all that history!