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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slimy, yet satisfying

Yesterday I cooked okra for the first time in my life. And my kids ate it! Amazing. Simply amazing. And I loved it. It was tasty and super-easy to cook. (I just put it in some water and brought the water to a boil. Boiled it for a couple minutes. Drained the water. Seasoned it with salt. And served it to my children.) I was a little worried that my kids would balk at the texture. (Okra is rather slimy.) But they thought it was cool. Now, we have a new go-to veggie in our repertoire.

And I think we'll plant some in our garden this summer. I bet home-grown okra is even better.


Sally said...

Wow. That's impressive! I've had fried okra many times, but boiled okra was too much of a slimefest for me the one and only time I made it! :)

Michelle Pyne said...

Totally amazing! Who would ever think your little picky eaters would eat okra? They are true southerners!

Jen said...

If you like pickles, it is also awesome pickled. My sister and I did Dill a couple of years ago, and we LOVED how it turned out.