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Friday, March 26, 2010

6 bins later

Yesterday I tackled the job of organizing all of the clothes stored in our attic. I thought it would be a simple job I could finish before the kids came home from school. Wrong. Even though the clothes were already somewhat organized in bags and boxes, it took me ALL DAY to sort through everything. (When you have five girls you tend to collect a lot of little girl clothes.)

But now everything is just like I want it. Each size has its own bin. And I have a system of rotating the bigger hand-me-downs for Summer and Emily. I can't tell you how good it feels to check this chore off my list.


Dani said...

I can only imagine how overwhelming that was! I only have 1 girl but my sisters saved their girl's clothes and I've added to the collection as well. When Jill got ready to have her last baby girl, we went through them all and got rid of a bunch and reorganized them into containers by size. Soon we'll probably do it again! It's been great sharing clothes, though!
Good for you for getting that project crossed off your list! That is a BIG one!

Michelle Pyne said...

GOOD WORK! Now you will be able to access the clothes you need when you need them. A bit pat on the back for you!

Michelle Pyne said...

I mean, a BIG pat on the back for you. (My keyboard sometimes makes mistakes like that. Might need to get a new one.....)

Elaine said...

Love it!! Nothing better than being organized.