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Monday, January 04, 2010

House of Order: Weekly Schedule

Since January is traditionally the month of fresh starts and clean beginnings, I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks I use to keep my house in order. And I invite you to do the same!!! Please share the little things that make your life a little easier. (Leave a comment so we can be sure to check out your awesome ideas!!)

One of the things I've figured out after 11 years of being a homemaker is that I need a weekly routine. My routine offers some flexibility, but it also defines specific times for me to get most of the things done that are important to me. It works for me. And while I have a long way to go to be completely organized, this routine at least keeps me on track.

Monday: laundry; tidy entire house (make beds, put "stuff" away); clean bathrooms and kitchen (One week I deep clean the bathroom and do a quick clean in the kitchen and then the next week I deep clean the kitchen and do a quick clean in the bathroom); vacuum.

Tuesday: grocery shop; pay bills

Wednesday: project day! It's nice to have a "fun" day in the middle of the week when I get to do whatever I want.

Thursday: laundry; tidy entire house; new for 2010--organize something! (a drawer, closet, cabinet, etc.)

Friday: get ready for primary; do whatever else needs to be done; date night!

Saturday: yard work (I've really neglected this one ever since I got pregnat with Chloe. I'm going to try to do better in 2010.)

Sunday: church; day of "rest"

I try to get most of my work done while Summer is at school and Chloe naps (From 9:30am-12:30pm). Then I have the afternoons to get dinner ready, help my kids with their homework, and to go to whatever activities they have scheduled.


Emma said...

Thanks for your tips. Every year I want to be more organizes, and I just never do it. The only things I have a plan for is laundry on Monday and grocery shopping on Friday, everything else just gets done when I feel like it - which is not often enough. I finally subscribed to flylady.net, but I haven't really followed the guidelines yet.

Jen said...

Monday is my laundry day, too! I like your kitchen/bathroom method. I might start doing it that way. I have usually done just laundry Monday and other cleaning Wednesdays, but I had to do them all one day recently and liked having a higher energy day and more project time later in the week.

We have a potluck lunch at the park on Tuesdays, so it is usually our play at the park day.

I am always printing out recipes from the internet and having papers all over the kitchen, so I finally started a binder for them, and that has eased one source of my clutter. Plastic sheet protectors also wipe food off easier when it spills on the recipe. :)