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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fishing for compliments

Last week one of David's friends from his mission was in Atlanta for a conference and got to spend an evening with us. After his stay he wrote us the nicest e-mail telling us all of the things he appreciated and admired about our family. Man, it made me feel good.

And last night Lydia got an e-mail with a list of good qualities her cousin Jordan wrote about her. Through dinner Lydia was all smiles and kept saying how she couldn't stop thinking about the list.

And on our training run on Saturday, Audra told us about how Tanner says, "You can clap for me when I'm done," every time he practices reading. Kids are not ashamed to ask for compliments. :

So, here is the game: See how many people you can sincerely compliment. Pay attention to all of the people around you and and then TELL THEM the good things you notice. It might be that you appreciate how your cashier greeted you at the store, or the nice way your daughter made her bed, or that your husband looks especially dashing. It can be in a note, an e-mail, or just a quick word. Let's focus on the positive and spread the good feelings!


Sweetest Of All said...

I'm glad that you write this blog. It makes me happy to catch up with you after all those years of missing your friendship. You were/are a wonderful, kind, patient friend.

Shana said...

What a great idea!! I love complimenting people!! It does make them feel good and make me feel good too! :) I will compliment you, my dear. You have a wonderful way of writing that captures your heart. You are extremely beautiful. You are very talented!! I love that quilt you made for Presley!! :) You always look for the good, even during trials!! :)

Michelle Pyne said...

What a great assignment! It's true that a sincere compliment brings such hope and happiness. I'm definitely going to remember to tell people they can clap for me when I'm done, no matter what I'm doing. Great idea, Tanner! OK, from now on, I'm on the lookout for the positive, and I'm going to let people know when they do well!

Jen said...

Brilliant idea! I will do this. Thanks for frequently posting things that inspire me to be / do better.

Chris said...

Just another reminder for me to do the same! Can you imagine how much better the world would be if we all complimented and helped each other? It really does make a person feel so good. Thanks for the reminder!

Audra said...

I've done it. Thanks for your encouragement to do it. It has blessed my life.