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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CTR victory

I made a mistake. A pretty big mistake. This weekend is our stake 11 year old campout. And our scout leaders just found out about it yesterday afternoon. My fault. And I am absolutely sick about it. But, in the midst of the agony I feel knowing I have caused everyone involved stress and inconvenience, I am celebrating a victory.

My victory? I didn't lie. (Oh boy, did I want to.) But I didn't. (I could have very easily.) But I didn't.

It was so tempting to shift the burden of responsibility to someone else. I wanted to tell the scout leaders that the stake just hadn't given us the information and that it was their fault we had such short notice. And for a while I actually believed that myself. But after a quick scan of my inbox the truth lay plain as plain. The stake had given us the information in an e-mail sent out a few weeks ago and somehow I had failed to see the e-mail. It was lost in my inbox, but there nonetheless. Ugh. It's painful to have to accept responsibility for something that will inconvenience a lot of people. It's embarrassing. I could have avoided the pain and embarrassment with a little lie. But I didn't lie. And now, even though I still am stressing over the ripple effect of my mistake, I can move forward with a clear conscious and stout integrity. I chose the right when it was hard-- Victory.


Jen said...

I find it so refreshing when people take responsibility. Way to go! My husband often gets lost in the responsibilty shuffle of our ward.

Dani said...

What is so great about this post is that you are focusing on the positive! By taking full responsibility for your mistake you are demonstrating your integrity. That is something to be proud of! And by recognizing to yourself that you took the high road, you are not completely beating yourself up! We're human. We make mistakes. We can fix them or try our best to make them right. Heavenly Father would not want us to be so hard on ourselves. Thanks for sharing your "CTR victory"!

Emma said...

Way to go. Sometimes telling the truth is really not easy. Or rather telling a small lie is easier.

Sweetest Of All said...

You deserve it! Way to go.

Michelle Pyne said...

I love that account of victory! Can you hear me cheering for you up here? You are fantastic!