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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Map My Run

I had to pass along a cool website that my sister, Abbi told me about. At www.mapmyrun.com you can plot your routes on very detailed maps. Once the routes are recorded, you can look up the distance, elevation, and terrain. You can also search for routes that other people have mapped. In the past I've tried to drive my running routes to estimate how far I run, but now I have a pretty accurate summary. And I'm excited to try out some of the routes other people run.


Sweetest Of All said...

I LOVE that website. We started family leaderboards and seeing others progress keeps me motivated.

Andrea said...

Isn't that the best site. I'm not using it for a couple of days though since it is 106 degrees here. Way too hot!!

Kate said...

cool! Thanks!

Audra said...

I've mapped my runs and now I finally know how much I'm running when I run to the gym. Thank you!