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Monday, July 27, 2009

High Maintenance

See this baby? I love her to pieces. But, oh my goodness, can she try my patience. She is a screamer. And has a temper. And likes to hit people in the face.

But one look at that smile and those chubby little legs and I melt. I mean, really. Who could resist?


Michelle Pyne said...

That's why those little people come in such cute packages - because they can be so DIFFICULT sometimes! Just when you want to throw them out with the bathwater, they give you the cutest smile in the world. Little rascals!

Sweetest Of All said...

I needed this post. Last night, AFTER our five hour drive, two hours in the airport, and DURING our three hour flight - Baby J did the same thing. He's cute, but demanding. He slapped me, pulled my hair, scratched me. But his favorite thing ever, is to use in tiny pincer fingers and/or nails to pinch the fat on the inside of my arms or my neck when he's really ticked. Try my patience he did.

Kate said...

I COMPLETELY understand! That's my Addyson to a T!

Audra said...

I know!