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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chocolate Egg

My sister-in-law recently introduced me to what has got to be one of the yummiest "healthy" desserts ever.

Mix 1 egg with 1-2 T. cocoa powder and 2 T. agave nectar. Whisk it up until the cocoa dissolves. Then microwave for 30-60 seconds. (Watch it closely because you don't want to overcook it. It's done when it just starts to puff up.) You could also add a few chocolate chips or chopped nuts. Put a dollop of lite whip cream or ice cream on top and enjoy. It tastes like a flourless chocolate cake.

I found the Agave in the health food section of my grocery store near the organic honey and flour.


Elaine said...

can't wait to try that yummy looking dessert. Have you been seeing all the reports about how organic is not any better for you than reg.? I don't think I believe it because of the pestisides and preservatives. Maybe it's a ploy to run organic places out of business. My favorite place in the whole world to shop is at Trader Joe's which unfortunately is not in Utah. We have to go to Vegas and stock up.

Caytee said...

Mmmm. That sounds good!

Audra said...

I will have to try that, but remind me cause I will have to put an extra effort in remembering to make a healthy dessert. I just won't think of it. I'll think ice cream, brownie, candy, chocolate....not healthy!