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Thursday, April 16, 2009

If you are an Anne fan....

...then you will love Betsy.

This is a series of books my mom recently gave to my girls that I have kind of taken over. They are positively delightful!! Set around the turn of the century, they chronicle the youth of Betsy Ray starting when she is five years old. You'll get to know her friends and family and will grow to love the little town of Deep Valley. They will cause you to look back at your own youth and to remember the fun, follies, and frustrations of growing up. And like most books set during this bygone era, they will cause you to yearn for a simpler time and place. (At least that is what has happened to me as I read them.)


Michelle Pyne said...

I need to remember to thank Ludene for recommending them to me. She will be so happy that you enjoy them too!

Kami said...

John wants a simpler way of life too. He's always telling me he wants to build a cabin in the mountains miles and miles away from any kind of civilization and just live off the land. I of course say no. I would probably die up there haha. So then he says.. "let's move to Yap". Sigh, I'm all up for things being simpler but I have to have my city.

rachel said...

I told Ludene about this and she was thrilled!! I'll have to send her to this post.