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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Emily at Six

Today was Emily's birthday. She is SIX years old. And honestly one of the sweetest little girls you could ever meet. For her birthday I decided to interview her so we could have a little record of what she was like at six. (And I wish you could hear her voice answering the questions. She is rather animated and can't pronounce her r's.)

Name: Emily Anne
Age: "Five....... oh! oh! I mean Six!"
Favorite Color: "rainbow, sparkle, golden, silver, and pink"
Favorite things to do: "PROJECTS!!!, watch TV, swing on the swings and jump on the trampoline."
Something you like about yourself: "People like me because I am nice to everyone and I make notes for people."
Favorite TV shows: Little Bear, Max & Ruby
Favorite Chore: "Uhmmmmm..... I don't have any. I don't like chores."
Friends: "Everybody that I know."
Wants to be when grow up: teacher
Favorite music: "Doe a deer" (from Sound of Music)


Abbi said...

Man I love that girl! She is so beautiful in her Easter outfit!! Happy Birthday Emily!! I can't wait to wish her a happy birthday in person. :)

Michelle Pyne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!! I hope you had a wonderful day today! I will call you tomorrow to sing to you. Right now it's 11pm your time - you're probably asleep right now.

Anyway, We Love You!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Emily!! I forgot that her and Shane are so close in age. Shane's 6th birthday is on Friday. 6 is such a fun age! They want to learn everything that they possibly can!