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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Pretty Princesses

Thanks to THIS website for help on how to do their princess hairstyles (and dozens of others I can't wait to try out!)


Michelle Pyne said...

They are the most beautiful princesses I have ever seen! Great job on the hair! Is that a preview for Halloween?

Sally said...

Oh, my cuteness!

Dani said...

Oh my gosh! They look just like the real deal!

Julee and Matt said...

I think they have a future working at Disney...beautiful!

Audra said...

That is weally, weally, weally, weally cute! (As Tanner would say).

I want to see the rest of your girls as done up like that? Is that too much to ask? :)

Abbi said...

Wow, those are some really fun hair styles! Well done Jessi!