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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fabric Pumpkins

I made these pumpkins at a stake Super Saturday a couple years ago and thought I would share the instructions. You can vary the look by which fabrics and flowers you choose.

Fall fabric (enough to make a 22", 17" and 9" circle)
Yarn, twine, or jute
Different sizes fall flowers, separated from stems
Glue gun and glue

*Cut circles from fabric (one 22", one 17" and one 9")
*Stitch (by hand or machine) 1/4" from edge all the way around each circle.
*Pull the thread to gather into a ball.
*Before closing the hole tightly, fill with fiberfil, making sure to stuff well in all the corners.
*Carefully pull the thread tight and tie off the hold.
*Take a long strand of yarn, twine, or jute and wrap around your fabric ball in four directions to make the pumpkin shape.
*Glue flowers on top to hide the hole.

(My Mom had saved some old pumpkin stems and I glued them on as an extra touch.)


Sally said...

Cute! I like fall decorations. The colors are so warm and cozy!

acte gratuit said...

We made these once using branches for the stems!
(I found branches in the yard, and made Doug cut them with the skill saw.)

Cute and easy decorations!!!

Michelle Pyne said...

Great job on the pumpkins! I LOVE fall decorations! I finally got mine out yesterday and put them up. Thanks for the inspiration.