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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Name under wraps

One of the favorite questions people ask pregnant ladies is "Have you thought about names?" In the past I've freely disclosed our short-list of names because I assumed that people would understand that these are names I LIKE and that they would refrain from any un-tactful commentary. But I'm afraid my full-disclosure policy is coming to an abrupt end. Most people are very nice when you tell them the names you are considering. They nod and smile and say "how pretty!". But there are some people who feel like it is their perogative to critique or criticize. They tell you about every ugly or awkward person they knew who previously possessed that name. Or they tell you that the beautiful name you are considering giving to your child was their dog's name. Or they tell you they "don't like it." Or they tell you that it makes them think of a cow. Or they go through all the unsavory words that rhyme with that name and make up unflattering nick-names utilizing those rhymes.

So, in the future, I'm going to keep the names I am considering to myself. (And I promise I won't name my child something awful!) Sorry to those of you who, out of pure and genuine interest, ask to know what names we like. You'll have to wait until I introduce you to my baby. And then hopefully even the most out-spoken busy-body won't dare to say anything except "beautiful!"


Rachel said...

Good for you!
All three of our girls weren't named until several days after their births. (mainly because we didn't have a name picked out)
But this is one very postive aspect of doing it that way - no one criticizes the name beforehand.
Can't wait to hear what you end up naming your little girl in a few months!

acte gratuit said...


People are so clueless! I figure, why should I care that you hated a person with that name? Once you meet my baby, you'll ADORE the name since you ADORE the kid!!!

P.S. Everyone and their dog has a dog named Max. Or a cat named Sam. So far though, no pets named Gabriel! (wahoo!) Let's hope it stays that way!

Kimberlie said...

I've always dreaded that question when I was pregnant. I would usually respond with a, "we don't know yet, we have a hard time agreeing on names." Which is true. However we usually had a few names in mind. I liked it to be a surprise to everyone. And once the baby is already named, people usually don't feel the need to critique their name. :)

MiandMiksmom said...

I think surprises are fun! I think you already told me awhile back so now I'll be surprised if you change it. And by the way, I thought it was DARLING!!!!...and I won't tell!

Don't you dare bring dinner...everything is good and I think Dave is going to be in Charlotte next week, so really we are fine. I need to bring YOU dinner.

Audra said...

I agree. It's the best thing to do.

And that's coming from a woman with no secrets and is very open and honest about everything.

Some people just don't think before they talk.

Abbi said...

I've known a lot of dogs named Abby. A ton of people name their dogs Abby! But I don't think they spell their dogs' names A-b-b-i, and I still like my name. :) But you're right, it does kind of bug me when people bring up the fact that they've known a lot of dogs named Abbi.

I think that's wonderful that you're keeping it secret! And I'm sure I will love your baby and her name.

Dani said...

Right on, sista! In a way, it's kind of a nosy question anyway!

Emma said...

There are a lot of names I wouldn't name my kids, but that doesn't mean someone else doesn't like them. I'm excited to hear what you name this new little girl. And I will paitiently wait until she is born!

Elaine said...

Names for a new baby can really bring out the worst in people, that's for sure. I like surprises.
Baby Girl "G" sounds good to me for now.

i'm kelly said...

that's how we operate too. we've never decided on a name before, but we have a short list... that way no one can complain, & there's less of a chance of someone close to you "stealing your name".