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Saturday, December 29, 2007

F to the 4th

Recipe for a perfect holiday:

FAMILY-- The best thing about my family is that we really like each other. Maybe I'm speaking for myself, but there are no other people in the world we would rather spend time with. And since we are spread from the east coast to the west, when we get together for holidays and other gatherings we revel in the experience of just being together. No moment is wasted, no experience lost. Little things like eating breakfast in the morning or soothing a crying child are opportunities to create memories that will hold us over until the next time we are together.

FOOD-- Don't even get me started on the food!!! I joked this holiday that if you give Audra & me a chance to plan a party you can be assured that the food will be good. And oh, was it! Every meal (and the snacks in between) were flavored to perfection. Pita bread dipped in cilantro & jalapeno hummus; spinach dip with ritz crackers; white bean chile & bread; ham, sour cream potatoes, rolls and salad; Mo's homewrecker burritos; and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I can't remember enjoying food this much in a long time. Or, maybe it just tasted so good because the company made everything sweet.

FUN-- For me the perfect holiday depends on the delicate balance between activity and relaxation. This year I think we hit a near-perfect ratio. We had things to work and prepare for and times to just sit and enjoy. Some of my fondest memories are the times we spent playing games in the evening (Cranium, Loaded Questions, and Mancala). Fun and laughter reigned those nights.

FITNESS-- Since we consumed enough food to feed a third world nation, a little exercise was essential for our comfort and well-being. My morning runs with Abbi through my neighborhood and across to the "cow road" were so nice, and I will never forget the 3 miles we ran on Christmas Day. I don't imagine anyone would have chosen to run (in the rain) on Christmas Day on their own, but because they wanted to support me in accomplishing my goal they laced up their running shoes and accompanied me to the finish line.
Our hike up Stone Mountain was also a nice way to burn off some calories while enjoying the nice weather and beautiful scenery.

(and a little FOOTBALL). I still can't believe BYU won.

We have had the most wonderful week!!! (For photo details check out Audra's blog. She is our family photographer.)


Abbi said...

Haha, I like the "little football" part. You're right, that is the recipe for a perfect holiday. We all had such a wonderful time together!

Kami said...

I wish we all could have been together for it like it used to be! I'm glad you had a good holiday season though!

MiandMiksmom said...

Ooooh, yes! I agree!

Michelle Pyne said...

This is a beautifully written account of our holiday!! Your words capture the joy so well! I loved your comment about "the perfect balance between activity and relaxation." How blessed we are to hold such memories in our hearts!

Fab7 Family said...

I absolutely love your words about Family---I've always longed for the big family get togethers that other family's enjoy so much! I suppose that one of my biggest hopes for my own kids is that they keep close and are able to say these same types of things when they get older.