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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

72 hour menu

We now have official 72 hour kits. Phew!!! Since our last emergency drill I realized the importance of having food our kids like to eat, and since I assume our kids are probably similar to your kids I thought it might be helpful to pass along the menu I put together for our kits. A few things do require some sort of heating unit (we have a single burner propane stove that I got at Wal-Mart for under $20), but everything else is grab and eat. Hope this is helpful!

Breakfast: granola bar, juice box, fruit leather
Lunch: applesauce, cheese & crackers, turkey jerky
Dinner: Lipton noodles, fruit cup
Snack: jolly ranchers

Breakfast: oatmeal, raisens
Lunch: pb crackers, V8, pudding cup
Dinner: Ramen noodles, green beans
Snack: cookies

Breakfast: Poptarts, hot chocolate
Lunch: Tuna & crackers, juice box
Dinner: Chicken noodle soup, crackers
Snack: chocolate bar

Our ward emergency preparedness lady is AWESOME and has given us TONS of information on preparing 72 hour kits, including some alternative menus. If you are interested in having me forward any of her suggestions along just e-mail me.


Kami said...

Good job! Those look like good menu items.

MiandMiksmom said...

Oh my Goodness...I still haven't taken the diapers and formula out of my emergency backpack. You are so good! And...I would love for you to forward the suggestions!

Audra said...

I like your menu better than ours! The next time we rotate our food, I will probably use this!

Lori Washburn said...


I like this menu! I will have to use it. We sooooo don't have any 72 hour kits. We would be in trouble if something hit! I should get right on that! Very unprepared are we!!! Not a good thing! Hopefully I can get motivated, and I too would favor any pass along suggestions!

Love ya

Brynn said...

Thanks for sharing that. It's great information. I need to get with it and get organized.

Michelle said...

I love your menu! I may copy it if that is ok! Thank you for sharing!

Melissa said...

Very cool! Thank you!

Shana said...

THANKS SO MUCH!! It looks so simple! Thanks for the advice! I need to get to ours RIGHT AWAY!!!

Kimberlie said...

This has been on my mind. Thanks for the ideas!