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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My "new" couch

When we bought our leather couch 8 years ago we thought it would be a piece of furniture that would last for years and years. We paid a lot for it. But I guess I didn't read the fine print in regards to caring for leather furniture because the leather did NOT hold up. I have tried (expensive!) leather cleaners and conditioners with no luck in restoring the original look. Then recently while clicking around Pinterest I discovered a possible solution....shoe polish. I figured I couldn't make the couch much worse, so I gave it a try.

This is what my couch looked like a few weeks ago... (I am almost too embarrassed to show you.)

And this is what it looks like today...

So much better!!

I tried to buff it really well to make sure none of the shoe polish comes off on our clothes, but for a $3.24 "new" couch I am willing to take the risk.

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Audra said...

Wow, that did make a big difference! Who knew?! Way to go Jess!

Also, welcome back to the blogging world! So glad you are back!