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Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Dress

I made this dress for a baby shower I went to last night. It's Simplicity 5695 (my go-to pattern for little girl dresses). I didn't have time to go to the fabric store, so I tried to mix and match what I had on hand. The brown is left-over backing from the quilt my sisters and I made for my Mom, the red is from Lydia's star quilt, and I used the print in a few quilts I've made. It's not your traditional sweet pink baby dress, but it was fun to try something different.


Ginger said...

It turned out super cute! I love being able to use leftover fabrics.

Shana said...

That really is the cutest baby dress ever! WAy to go on that!

Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

It was so great to see you and your wonderful family again at the baby blessing! We had a fun weekend. I would like to put my order in for that incredible cute little girls dress you made! So cute!