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Friday, August 19, 2011

My teenager


I cannot believe that my baby girl is thirteen already. It almost makes me want to cry. But the consolation is that I know she is going to be a really awesome teenager. It is so fun to watch her grow into herself. She still has many of the same qualities she did as a tiny girl, but all her attributes are magnified. Her beauty, kindness, sense of humor, and desire to do right have matured and I am so, so proud of her. The chance to have her as a daughter is one of the best gifts Heavenly Father has given me.

I love you, McKenna!


Tami said...

I think about you guys every time I make chicken pockets - which I had for the first time at McKenna's 1st birthday party :) She's turned out so beautiful and I can still see a little of that baby's face in her. Happy birthday!

Michelle Pyne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MCKENNA! You are an awesome young woman and we love you! Hope you are enjoying that new cell phone! :)