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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ

Our Relief Society recently gave us the challenge of reading the Book of Mormon by January 1. We were each given a new, unmarked copy of the Book of Mormon, a pack of colored pencils, and a bookmark with questions to search for as we read. As we discovered the answers to the questions, we marked our Book of Mormon with the colored pencils.
  • Red=Who am I?
  • Orange=What are my responsibilities?
  • Yellow=How do I fulfill my responsibilities?
  • Green=Atonement: What does it mean to me?
  • Blue=Joy: How do I find it?
  • Purple=Charity: What is it? How should I serve others?
I am three-quarters of the way through now and my green colored pencil has been used like crazy. It is way shorter than the others, which is a testimony to me that the Book of Mormon truly does testify of Christ and his atonement. I have read the Book of Mormon lots and lots of times, but I have particularly enjoyed reading it through this time. It's been a wonderful experience searching for answers to the questions and marking the verses that contain the answers. I've been able to stay focused on what I have been reading and have gained some new and wonderful insights. My study of the Book of Mormon makes my life better and I am so grateful for it.

To learn more about the Book of Mormon go HERE.


Abbi said...

That is so cool! I want to do that!

Anonymous said...

Reading your post just made my day...no my year!! Thank you for blogging this!!
love you!