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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shopping with my Sister

On Saturday David made the supremely generous offer of watching our kids so Audra and I could go out and do something fun. We decided to go do a little shopping. I'm usually NOT a shopper. It stresses me out. But I loved shopping with my sister! We had so much fun trying things on and picking things out. I think I need to go shopping with her more often. (Or maybe not, since we both spent a little more than we maybe should have.) :) When we got home we had to do a little fashion show. Audra was rocking her new shoes and hat, and I tried to keep up with her in my new shirt and shoes. It was fun to spend that time together!
(Abbi, next time you have to join us!)


Abbi said...

I'm sad I missed it, it sounds like fun! You both look so good. We'll have to plan a shopping trip during our next Girls Retreat. Where did y'all go?

Audra said...

That was definitely a highlight for this summer! A big thank you to David! And yes, we have to be careful doing that too much because I spent a little more than I should have! But dang, it was fun AND I do really like what I bought so I think it was all worth it!

Michelle Pyne said...

Those are two good-looking young women if you ask me. Sometimes you just need to go shopping and find some neat things and spend a little too much but it's worth it cause you're worth it!