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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer so far...

Besides our trip to North Carolina, we have had a pretty quiet summer. Here is a quick summary of the highlights so far...

Emily and Summer were able to go to a week-long dance camp. They loved it!

David and I went with Brian and Marla and their kids to see Josh Groban in concert. We lucked out on seats!! Below is a picture I took with my measly little camera. I didn't even really have to zoom!! (I kept trying to get a picture of his face, but since I was trying to be discreet and take a picture without my flash, none of them turned out. But trust me, this is him.) :)
He is every bit as good in person as he is on his recordings. So, so talented. Did you know he also plays the drums? He does. Really well.

We have been going to the pool pretty much every day. I don't think we would survive in Georgia without a pool.

On Saturday my sister-in-law, Marla, went through the temple for the first time and we were able to go with her. (David's sister, Leslie, and his parents also went.) It was a beautiful experience. I'm so thankful our temple is available again after being reconstructed.

The next big thing will be our trip to visit my parents in Oregon next week. I can't wait!!


Michelle Pyne said...

Congratulations to Marla for going to the temple! I hope to attend the Atlanta temple some day.

Michelle Pyne said...

Summer is 'cool at the pool' in her rainbow shades! They match Lydia's toes very well!

Abbi said...

That picture of Chloe is PRICELESS! Sounds like you are having an awesome summer, I can't wait to hear about your time in Oregon.