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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Southern Lights Salsa & Stomp

Here is the footage of our young women doing the salsa dance at the temple celebration. They look awesome. (McKenna is in the same row as the really dark haired girl in the blue shirt.)

And here are the boys from our stake doing the stomp. They were the only dance in the entire program to receive a standing ovation. The young man doing the tumbling in front is my nephew, Spencer. That makes me cool. :)


Emma said...

that was awesome. Thanks for sharing. I did catch a glimpse of McKenna. The boys' number was spectacular. I love that they showcased several different types of dancing in a short amount of time.

Jessie said...

It looks like it was so fun! Thanks for posting the videos! I think it is so cool that McK was able to participate in that. What a neat experience!