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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Easter Dresses To Be

I have been thinking since January about what I want to make for my girls' Easter dresses. I was feeling really ahead of the game, but now that it's March already I realized that I better get going. (I know some people are able to bust out dresses in a few blinks of their eyes, but I'm slow-- and I have five dresses to make.) :) I got all the patterns planned out, took my girls' measurements, did lots of math, and finally made it to the fabric store this morning. I'm crossing my fingers that what I got will translate into gorgeous dresses.

Here is the stack of fabric I came home with:

McKenna doesn't like to be too matchey-matchey with her sisters, so I am going to make her skirt in the solid blue. (Still trying to nail down exactly what style I'm going to make it.)

Lydia is also getting a skirt. The main body of the skirt will be in the stripe and the bottom edge will be in the blue. I hope I can find something beautiful for both her and McKenna to wear on top. (Any suggestions?)

Summer and Emily's dresses are the ones I'm a little stressed about. I am cutting and pasting pieces from different patterns to create the look I want. This is my plan. Hopefully it works out.

Emily's dress will have a blue accent and Summer's will have the pink.

And I'm still trying to figure what pattern I am going to use for Chloe. I was going to do a tiered dress for her too, but the combination wasn't working out for what I planned. Instead I think I'm going to make the main part of her dress in the floral and then just do a pink ruffle on the bottom. (Or something...)

My goal is to have them all completed this month. Wish me luck!!


Ginger said...

Good luck! You are very adventurous to be making 5 dresses. I'm just going to buy them this year! :-)

Jessie said...

I can't wait to see these! Your girls are so lucky to have an incredible seamstress & these fabrics are darling!

Dani said...

I'm excited to see the end result! I think its so neat that you sew!

Jen said...

Luck to you! I love your fabric choices, and I'm excited to see the products.

Angela Draper said...

I am so impressed! I can't wait to see the final works of art :)

Abbi said...

Wow!!! You should definitely call yourself a seamstress!

Elaine said...

What an undertaking!!! love the fabric. I can see McKenna's with a white kinda peasant type blouse and a lower riding wide belt to accent. But I don't know if she would like that type of style, just a thought.