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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabulous Fox

I generally don't have high-end taste. I'm happy shopping at Wal-Mart and Target. I like Subway and Taco Bell. And I don't mind decorating my home with things that are hand-made or hand-me-downs. But there is one luxury I definitely have a taste for-- going to the Fox Theater, especially when gorgeous music is involved. Last night I got to go see Celtic Woman with my good friend, Connie. Her husband gave her tickets for her birthday and then selflessly suggested that maybe she should go with someone who would really love it. I really, really, really loved it and am so thankful Connie invited me. Our seats were amazing, the music was beyond gorgeous, and the whole experience was awesome. Getting to experience it with Connie was such a treat. I feel so, so blessed to have gotten to share that time with her. Now I'm floating  a few inches off the ground. Regular life is so much easier when I have memories like last night to reflect back on.

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Sally said...

How AWESOME! I'm assuming that's our Connie? Way to go, Dustin! I love that you guys have each other and all your sisters clear out there in GA.