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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Vacation

We spent the last week snowed in. And even though I have to admit that I'm a bit of a snow scrooge, it was kind of fun to have a snow vacation. The girls played in the snow a ton. We drank lots of hot chocolate and herbal tea. And we watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. I read a couple books. And ate entirely too much. Below are some pictures I took one of the days I pulled out the camera.

With David's 4-wheel drive truck we braved the roads and went to a golf course near our house for some sledding.

This year we got a lot more than our usual dusting of snow. It looked so beautiful. Everything clean and white.

We have one more day of vacation on Monday (for MLK day) and then it's back to school. I'm looking forward to it. My kids were sick the week after new years, so I've had them home with me since the start of Christmas vacation. I think a little time apart will do us some good.


Michelle Pyne said...

You will remember this snow vacation for a long time. It really looks like somewhere up north! The pictures are so colorful, and it looks like everyone is having alot of fun! It's nice to stop life for a bit and just enjoy the snow. Way to go!

Shana said...

I LOVE your pictures. Your family looks sooo good. And your home is just gorgeous!