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Thursday, September 02, 2010


Lately I have had a great desire to improve my photography skills. My kids are growing up so fast. I feel an almost desperate need to preserve them in time--to capture this stage of their lives before it escapes. And since I can't afford to take them to a nice photography studio, the job is left up to me. :) I am still a total beginner and have a lot to learn. (A LOT to learn.) But it is exciting to learn a new skill.


Sweetest Of All said...

I think you're AWESOME!! If I could kiss your babies eyeballs I WOULD!

Michelle Pyne said...

What a beautiful picture of Chloe! She is a little beauty!

Angela Draper said...

This is beautiful! What are you doing to learn more about photography? Are you just experimenting or have you found a good book?