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Monday, September 20, 2010

Always remember Him

Like most people, I struggle with feelings of discouragement and frustration-- maybe even mild depression. And during a recent episode I explained to David that I felt like I was in a bit of a tailspin. I felt out of control emotionally, and while I recognized that I was on a downward spiral, I didn't know what to do to stop myself. Negative thoughts kept flooding my mind, and no matter what I did, I felt pulled further and further into my "tunnel." 

David wisely responded that when pilots are in a tailspin they pick one spot to focus on until they are able to regain their bearings and bring the airplane back in control. And then he suggested that I use that tactic in order to bring myself out of my emotional tailspin. I should focus on one thing until I regained the proper perspective. He asked, "What do you think you should focus on?"

Immediately I knew. I needed to focus on my Savior. I put a picture of Him in the forefront of my mind and everything else I did came secondary to remembering Him. As I experimented on this technique I was able to regain control and things came back into focus.

Since my conversation with David I have thought a lot about how amazing it was that as soon as I focused on my Savior, I felt better. And then in my scripture study I read 3 Nephi 18, where Christ instituted the sacrament to the Nephites. It hit me that one of my baptismal covenants is to "always remember Him." And I should have been focusing on my Savior all along instead of getting caught up in my never-ending list of responsibilities and things to do. The Lord knows that we need to focus on the Savior in order to maintain a clear perspective on life. And he has given us the opportunity to renew that covenant every Sunday as we partake of the sacrament. What genius!!! And to go even further, as we do remember Him and keep His commandments, we are promised to have the Lord's Spirit with us. The Spirit will comfort us, teach us, guide us, and lead us along the path back to our Heavenly Father. It's the gospel plan I have been taught since infancy! And it works.

There are some instances of depression or other emotional disorders that require medical treatment and outside help, but for most of us, the answer is to always remember Him.


Emma said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us! I had one of those moments on Friday, where I just felt I wasn't doing anything right. It helps to put things in perspective and our Savior is the One who can help us do that!

Jen said...

Great thoughts. Thanks!

Abbi said...

What a beautiful insight. Thank you.

ginger said...

Such a good reminder. Thank you.

Michelle Pyne said...

Your thoughts bring to mind Peter - when he focused on the Savior, he could walk on water. When he focused on the turmoil around him, he sank. Thank you for your ideas on focusing on Him!

Angela Draper said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. What a wonderful reminder for me.

Anonymous said...

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