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Friday, August 13, 2010

Why I love this picture

I love this picture for few reasons...

Chloe is constantly putting on her sisters' shoes. It's something about her that I want to remember and this picture captures it. And in a symbolic way, it shows how Chloe adores her sisters and wants to be like them. She does try to walk in their footsteps. Thankfully they are (usually) good examples.

I can also see how my baby is growing up into a little girl. The little scrape on her knee, her thinned-out legs, and how she is sitting are all reminders that she is growing up. But because the shoes are still too big and her feet are still a little chubby I still have time soak in the precious moments of her littleness.

I also love that she is just sitting on our front porch. For me it represents how she is venturing out a little, but is still content to remain within the shelter of "home."

And the lighting and colors are very "summery." Even though school has started, we can still enjoy the last lazy days of summer.

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Abbi said...

I love this post! (And the picture too!)